About Parag Mehta Casting

Parag Mehta Casting is a casting company founded by Casting Director Paragg Mehta. The company specializes in casting services for feature films, web series, advertisements and finite television series.

"Casting is the backbone of a good movie". Hence, merely setting out on a quest to find different faces, seeking talent across ages and auditioning them is not enough. We believe in getting a thorough understanding of the filmmaking process is a vital factor in casting precise. Our work ethics include closely working with the director's vision, as well as keeping the dynamics of the camera in perspective when 'casting'.

At office, we have a totally committed team who work on choosing the right artists, training them at workshops, and also doing their background checks in the most the most appropriate way.

About Paragg Mehta

Getting to meet and converse with different people from various backgrounds constantly fascinated me ever since my childhood. Yes, I love people! Observing people, learning their body language and mannerism soon became a hobby.

Further I was able to work across all mediums and platforms successfully collaborating on wonderful stories, subjects, genres and languages with an organized approach. Besides movies, I have equally enjoyed casting for commercials, short films, web shows, TV dramas, plays etc.

Today, I feel humbled to be known as a 'Casting Director' who has the patience to find talent, work with them through deadlines, see a character evolve & surprise my directors with exciting choices of performers. Mixing niche & trained actors with absolute non-actors and witnessing the magic of stories come alive, gives me an ultimate satisfaction.

Who's that actor? Where did you find him? These are questions that keep me motivated with adding quality performers who authenticate all these beautiful stories that come to us. I'm glad their performances will be celebrated forever!

At present, I am looking to garner newer challenges that with allow me to ensemble exciting talent for audiences across the world.


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